About Mayfair Engineering

Mayfair Engineering has been designing and manufacturing fine gun and rifle actions for the ‘best gun’ trade for more than 20 years and specialising in designing, prototyping and manufacturing proprietary shotguns and rifles alongside providing design solutions for military weapons systems.

Mayfair Engineering has led the way in the introduction of modern technology and manufacturing techniques within the ‘best British gun’ industry, having done a great deal of outwork for many of the great British gunmakers.

Not afraid of using modern powerful design software, the true art of gunmaking is never forgotten with the traditional elements still a key feature in any design.

The foundation blocks on which Mayfair Engineering was built were those of the bolt action rifle, so it is not surprising that the Company has returned to where it began and has now decided to produce the world’s most exquisite bolt action, with no compromise and with no short cuts - that of the Magnum Mauser bolt action.

With many years of experience within the weapons industry, Mayfair’s meticulous attention to detail and lack of compromise has ensured that the world’s finest rifle makers have chosen to create their rifles on what is considered to be the world’s finest action.

Our Expertise

Our Expertise

CAD drawing of Baker action