Only after extensive quality checks will a Mayfair action be stamped and released for use.


As with the receiver, each bolt begins with a stress relieved billet of 8620 steel and is painstakingly machined to produce Mauser's legendary bolt with dual opposed front locking lugs, a top guide lug and third safety lug, possibly the world’s strongest and safest bolt configuration. Mayfair Mauser bolts are supplied as standard with a ‘scope cutout on the handle. However, bolts can be supplied without cutout upon request. All bolts come fully case hardened.

The heart of a Mayfair magnum Mauser - the receiver. Each one is individually machined from a solid block of stress relieved 8620 nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel, utilising state of the art CNC machining and Electro Discharge Machining, before being hand finished and lapped to produce what we consider to be the ultimate bolt action. Receivers are available in short, standard and magnum lengths, double square bridge, single square bridge or the classic round action, right hand or left hand.



3-position side safety is standard on all Mayfair magnum Mauser actions: an essential requirement if using telescopic sights.

Bottom metals for Mayfair magnum Mausers are machined from a solid block of 070M20 certified steel. Each bottom metal is manufactured for a particular calibre. Trigger guards can be supplied in either of two styles (Hunter or Safari) and all bottom metals are machined with a 4° inclusive draft angle around the entire profile to allow for ease of inletting and weight reduction. Hinged floor plates are opened by means of a push button release.



Mayfair has been very careful to incorporate the very finest features of the Mauser design, not least in the machining of the magazine and magazine opening. Our attention to detail addresses the correct lengths and widths for the calibre, incorporating the complex machining of the shoulder cutouts and angles in both the magazine box and the receiver underside to ensure perfect feed and function.

The classic Mauser full length extractors are machined in three different lengths from a solid bar of silicon manganese spring steel for unsurpassed strength and reliability.


The magazine followers, together with all other components of a Mayfair Mauser, are machined from solid bar stock using the very latest CNC machinery and all production is carried out at our own workshops.


All action lengths and sizes are available, as standard, in either right hand or left hand.


The Mayfair M98 action is the worlds only hot drop hammer forged action

Only with meticulous attention to detail and after extensive quality checks will a Mayfair action be stamped and released for use.


The Mayfair M98 action is the worlds only hot drop hammer forged action

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